Radio Woon is an illustration artist and graphic designer from Malaysia who’s living in Shanghai. After his graduation from the art academy in Malaysia, Radio started his career in design and advertising industry. In 2015, Radio founded his own design studio and re-launched his illustration project “LALA COMPANY”.

Since 2019, Radio started to fully dedicate to his art project LALA COMPANY, and has participated in many art book fairs and art festivals in Asia, such as Tokyo Art Book Fair, UNFOLD Shanghai Art Book Fair, Singularity Art Festival, etc. From 2016 to 2022, he has held 5 solo illustration exhibitions in Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and other cities in China. Meanwhile, Radio has created and self-published several illustration books including "FIRST BOOK", "LALA COMPANY HANDBOOK", "JALAN-JALAN", etc. In addition, Radio's works have also attracted the attention of the brands. LALA COMPANY has collaborated with a lot of world-renowned brands such as adidas, Marshall, Vans, Salomon, Starbucks, etc.

Radio Woon 是一位现居上海的马来西亚籍插画艺术家/平面设计师,2004 年毕业于马来西亚的艺术学院,随后多年从事着广告与平面设计的工作。2015 年成立了自己的平面工作室,并重启了多年前未完成的个人插画项目—— LALA COMPANY,从此迈入了全新的创作旅途。

2019年开始, Radio将创作重心全面投入于LALA COMPANY,参加了国内外多个艺术书展和艺术节,如东京艺术书展、UNFOLD上海艺术书展、奇点艺术节等;2016年至2022年期间,在上海、郑州、成都等地举办了5场个人插画展,期间创作并出版了包括, , 等画册和绘本。 此外,Radio的作品还获得了市场的关注,他的LALA COMPANY 插画形象与adidas, Marshall, Vans, Salomon, 星巴克等世界知名品牌都有过非常出彩的跨界合作。