Art Book
Year: 2021

<JALAN-JALAN> an illustration art book co-created and published by LALA COMPANY and the independent travel story magazine  “LOST".

The art book tells the story of a travel enthusiast's journey. He follows his heart and goes to places that are not marked on the map, encountering wonderful experiences and unexpected adventures along the way. For him, maintaining curiosity and exploring the unknown is the ultimate meaning of travel. <JALAN-JALAN> aims to convey a travel philosophy, which is to break away from everyday life and experience the unfamiliar.

*Note: "JALAN-JALAN" is a term in Malay, meaning "take a walk" or " wander around."
*Illustration by: Radio Woon (LALA COMPANY)
*Photograph and Text by: Nelson Ng (LOST)

Published in October 2021
Size: 21cm x 15cm
Page: 116